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I recently completed my Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from a reputed college. The intention to take up this course to become Blogger and content writer; I could see my passion and skill since childhood as a writer. Today Content Writing is the core bloodline for Digital Marketing Services, well researched and informative Content write up can reach fast and quicker in Social Media with in few hours. Looking a present trend there is great demand for a content writer, Article writer, and blogger in today’s digital era.

 I feel my skill and academic background can lead me to become a well-known Professional Writer or Blog Writer. My vision was well defined; I was hunting for Content Writing Company that connects to my vision. As quoted by Gordon B. Hinckley “You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.” My 1st step in Corporate Content Writing profession is to train myself, train my mind, put myself in a test to check my learning capability, how hard I can push in Writing what extent I can research on the particular/realistic topic to train myself. I was searching for Content Writing Firm / Copywriting Company, through word-of-mouth I got to know Mindfleck Pvt Ltd is one among the Top Content Writing Company providing services to top MNC, Celebrity, Banking services, Educational institution, Pharmaceutical company etc. They are professional and expert in Creating Blogs, Content for Video Advertisement, Radio Ads, Social Media Posts, Press Release, Article Writing for Magazine, Newspaper & Column, Product Reviews, Event Content, Product/Company/Travel Brochures, Promotional Email, and High-Quality Content Writing Services for Web sites
I called Mindfleck and applied for an internship; I was invited for a personal round of interview and followed by a written test. Like me, there were quite a few interns applied for the same Content Writing post. With my skill and intelligent I cracked interview process stood best among the rest. Finally, my dream came through; I was excited to be a part Mindfleck an International Advertising Company having a presence in India, the UK - London and Europe. Up on the selection, I was asked to submit various documents like College deputation come approval letter, all my legal ID’s which are part of statutory requirement.  I got posted under professional content copy writer/columnist have skill in Writing Article, Blogs, Promotional Email, Content for Video Advertisement and Press Release. My 1st day of the work was astounding for the kind cooperation, coordination and support from the internal Content Writing department in Mindfleck firm, proper roles and responsibilities were assigned. On the very 1st day, i was almost clear what my 2 months learning would be, they made me quite comfortable and felt as a part of Mindfleck team.
It was not that easy as I felt, I had good theoretical knowledge for about 15+ years all my learning was in the class room but in the company its real client, real content, real research, intense reading once it published it for the public. No option to erase or go back and correct or redo, once it’s done it’s done. My reporting supervisor was very supportive and motivating, she Strategized how my practical learning should be, and she articulated the difference Article and Blog Writing. That was my 1st chapter in corporate dairy, every word, every advice, every mistake tiny correction became a part of my notes, I could see myself budding in right direction to become Blogger and content writer. Yes I know it was beginning but it was the right time to test my limits yes it was a long wait of 23+ indeed. Chapter 2 in corporate dairy was Luck and time addition to Article & blog I got a chance write for Content for Video Advertisement, Radio Ads, Social Media Posts. It is a challenging writing in the corporate world they call it as Creative writing, I was fortunate enough to get myself introduced to the new field. As I mentioned earlier, it a big challenge was getting the right word, right fact, right meaning, and right Content Write Up publishing in limited space. Social Media is all about space a tiny message can become a game changing statement, as quoted by Henry David Thoreau “Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short I felt this is the Good Content Writing capability. I need admit this gave an insight knowledge a short message can be an effective statement.

In the coming day, I would be adding more new chapter in corporate dairy, this is my 1st piece of Content Write Up as a writer, I should thank my supervisor and Mindfleck Copywriting Agency for providing me a holistic learning. My journey to becoming Effective Content Script Writing just began. Formulation and implementation of crafting strategy within self will the fluid process of learning through which Creative Strategies evolve and shape me day by day. I strongly believe I would be able to deliver Effective Content to my readers. I’m on verge getting into Chapter 3 of corporate dairy “Integrating SEO Keywords in Professional Writing. I will back soon with my2nd phase self-learning blog Flair for Content writing. Till then stay tuned


-Tulsi K.
Mindfleck Pvt Ltd


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