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Exceptional Cuisine for Andhra Foodies

Last Sunday I had been to Skywaftan Andhra style restaurant, they are well known for culinary Hyderabadi Biryani in Bangalore. They are expertized in preparing dishes and exhibiting of style through providing the authenticated cuisine. I had been with my parents since we are fond ofAndhra dishes so we choose Skywaft. The rooftop ambiance is beautiful with rich colors; the atmosphere was pleasant and terrace top is extremely spacious. We have blown away with the ambiance, decor and a royal setup.

Skywaft is a good place to try veg and non-veg restaurant in Bangalore. Since we are non-vegetarians we ordered chicken chili pepper fry, Nellore chicken fry, special starter of the day called Kushi special. Chicken chili pepper fry was exceptional dish served with rich hot spicy chilies, Nellore chicken was fragrant with spice and perfect side dish with rice and butter-non.  The enriched taste of authenticated dishes made us tempt to have even more hence we ordered chicken sholey kabab and Ray…